My Mission & Values: About Me

My Mission

My mission is to provide digital marketing assistance to mission-driven small to medium businesses that do good in their community. I recognize the importance of community-focused businesses that provide products and services to the people close to them.

It’s my goal to lift up and grow organizations that are active in their communities and truly care about people before profits. If this sounds like you, please review my services and contact me. I’d love to talk about what you do and offer any assistance I can.

My Values

I am driven by these values:

  • The inherent equality of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Social justice and the right to peaceably assemble
  • The importance of mental health and work/life balance
  • Workers’ rights, including the right to unionize
  • The importance of a mixed economy
  • The freedom to express myself creatively
  • Opportunities to continue learning
  • The concept that respect is earned regardless of who you are or what your status is
  • The concept that loyalty is constantly earned every single day
  • The concept that long-term sustainability is more important than short-term gains
  • The belief that honor, integrity, and ethics are more important than profit
  • The belief that community is more important than profit

About Me

While attending Rowan University, I had friends in majors such as engineering, biology, chemistry, and athletic training. They would come to me with their writing so that I could proofread it for them. They paid me for my services, and I decided that I wanted to turn that experience into a career. After three years as a freelance proofreader and a year and a half as a full-time, employed editor and copywriter, I decided that freelance work is my passion.

I started my career as a freelance office assistant and proofreader for Scholastic Book Clubs in New York City. I learned much more about editing and the professional world there than I ever could have at school. I worked on many editing projects, including newsletters, blog posts, emails, and the order forms and Scholastic Book Clubs catalogs themselves. I spent three years there, and I was lucky to have such great mentors right out of college. Unfortunately, I was laid off due to budget cuts throughout the department.

My last position was editor and marketing copywriter at Griswold Home Care. I was given many opportunities to learn about marketing, communications, business, and the healthcare industry. I was given a lot of creative freedom, had great mentors, and I enjoyed working with the people there. However, I missed the autonomy of working as a freelancer. I decided to part ways with Griswold Home Care to seek that level of autonomy once again. You can learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

I am now accepting new clients! I help small to medium businesses with content marketing so they can grow. I care about my clients and understand that any relationship in life is built on mutual respect and trust.

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