Freelance Services

Improve your marketing content and convert more leads with professional writing and editing services!

I am passionate about working with small to medium businesses. I understand that you need to do as much as you can with a small budget, and I will work with you to find solutions that maximize your ROI.

The people you serve are local to your area, and it’s important to be active in your local community both physically and online. However, it is difficult to do both on your own.

People work with people they like. You need to be able to connect with them in order to close the sale.

Remember this: Conversions and sales come from creating an emotional connection.

I can help you make better connections via your digital and print marketing materials by providing the following services:

Copy Editing & Proofreading

My specialties are copy editing and proofreading in Chicago and AP Style. If you prefer to write your content yourself, I can edit your work and provide suggestions to improve it.

It’s incredibly easy to lose the trust of prospects. People are very picky about choosing the company they want to work with. Unfortunately, messy writing is something that can turn prospects away from your business.

A typo or a misspelled word is a quick way to lose a client that is easily remedied by having a professional check your work. Quality content is your greatest asset whether it’s online or printed, and I can help you increase its value.

My copy editing and proofreading rates are $.028 per word.


Do you hate writing the content for your flyers, brochures, website content, and other marketing materials? If you do like creating all of this content, could it be better? A professional copywriter might be just what you need to upgrade your content.

I can work with you to write content that sells. I can help you make brand new content from scratch, or I can help you make adjustments if you’re unhappy with your current messaging. Save time and create a better customer/client experience!

I can write the following types of content for you:

  • Website Copy
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Copy
  • Digital Ad Copy
  • eBooks
  • Print & Email Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • And More!

My copywriting rates are $.12 per word ($60 per 500 words).

I am able to accept clients from anywhere in the United States. However, I do love working with local businesses in South Jersey and Philadelphia, PA!

If there is a service you are looking for that is not listed here, be sure to let me know! I know many freelancers in the area who might be able to help you. I know several people who specialize in social media, website design and creation, digital design, and more.

If I am unable to take you on as a client, I can connect you with someone who offers similar services. I am the chapter coordinator of the Editorial Freelancers Association in Philadelphia. I know many great writers and editors who can help you if I am not able to.

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