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I had the good fortune to have Michael in my department for three years, where he was hired as Copy Desk Coordinator and promoted to Proofreader. Michael is a hardworking, conscientious, and flexible person, who did everything that was asked of him. He showed great aptitude, independence, and follow-through on assigned projects. Michael has great potential as a proofreader/copyeditor and would be an asset in any workplace. I give him my highest recommendation.–Godwin Chu, Copy Chief at Scholastic Book Clubs

I managed Mike for a little under two years, and in that time, I saw him quickly take on new responsibilities and excel at them while continuing to be an excellent editor and proofreader. He brought a great perspective to the Marketing team, and helped to drive communication engagement with the franchise system. Mike takes great pride and ownership in his work, which is invaluable as a part of a team and his next employer will be lucky to have him.Sarah Peterman, Senior Marketing Manager at Griswold Home Care

Today I was in need of a brilliant and compassionate writer, and how lucky I was to find Mike Knott on Craigslist. The task at hand and time frame, Mike handled with ease.  Listened patiently while I ran down my list of must haves!  My proposal was done with such eloquent knowledge of the subject, I am so pleased to refer anyone who needs a writer with such command of the english language!Joyce Keating-Steinert, Co-Author of Never Underestimate the Strength of Women

Well, I didn’t expect it, and it really surprised me…I sent Mike text for my website. It was 8 paragraphs and some intro copy. Told him to edit and change where he thought my text needed some help. Within a short time the edited text reappeared in my email…Completed and well done, thanks, Michael. Great job!–Steve Weinreich, Owner at SWISH Marketing, Inc.

“Mike did an excellent job helping me re-write and restructure my resume. He stood out immediately as he paid attention to what I wanted to accomplish, and asked lots of thoughtful questions that clearly demonstrated his expertise. His rates are perfectly fair and he had a new resume written up for me in less than 24hrs. All in all I was thrilled with his work and anyone that works with him will be too.” Zena Eleazer, Business Development Specialist at The Virtual Forge

Mike Knott was a very productive person. He is hardworking, broad-minded and a forward-thinking individual. Mike is a thoughtful, proactive, self-motivated and intelligent team player. He was always able to successfully complete any tasks with favorable results. His desire for proficiency and education makes Mike a valuable asset.–Ron Patterson, VP of Marketing & IT at Griswold Home Care

Mike Knott joined our team a little less than 2 years ago and brought with him an excitement and passion for his craft. His commitment to our values, especially embracing his curiosity, never wavered. He brought with him a fresh approach to writing content for multiple platforms and has helped to provide excellent support both internally and to our franchise system. I worked directly with Mike on many projects and materials related to our training programs. Not only did my materials always return better thanks to Mike’s editing skills, but I always learned something through the process. As someone who strongly values education, I appreciate Mike’s willingness to continue to learn and grow. This trait will serve him well in all his future endeavors and will help him continue to thrive and be an asset to any team.–Amanda Lepore, Senior Manager of Learning & Development at Griswold Home Care

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Knott as part of our marketing team. He’s very driven, hard working, and takes pride in everything that he does. We benefited from his creative thinking and meticulous attention to detail on a constant basis. His communication skills are excellent and he would always carry himself with both kindness and professionalism. This recommendation would be grammatically correct and twice as interesting if Mike were to review it. He would prove himself to be an invaluable asset to any team.–Richie Pickwell, Graphic Designer at Griswold Home Care

I worked alongside Mike for just over a year and a half. While he did not directly report to me, Mike was a valuable asset to the company and consistently helped me accomplish many of my daily responsibilities. Mike’s ability to create engaging content not only helped grow website and blog traffic but also helped bridge the communication gap between franchisee and franchisor, which is no small task. Not only did Mike excel at his job duties – including copywriting and copyediting – but he also brought a unique perspective as well as an appetite to learn and grow in ways that benefited the company. A willingness to learn and accept new responsibilities outside of his role is something that I value highly in any colleague, and Mike demonstrated both of those qualities daily. Mike’s ambitious and hard-working attitude fit in perfectly with our culture, and he will definitely be missed. I know he will succeed wherever his career takes him.–Louis Isernia, Senior Manager of Information Technology at Griswold Home Care

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